How many machines do we need to make a food paper package.

Suppose we bought raw material (paper roll) from local market or we import it from other country, then we still need 3 kinds of machines.

1.Printing machine. It can print a roll paper with different colors and designs. There are many kinds of flexo printing machines in the market , most commonly used are those machines. (see below videos)

1.)Stack type flexo printing machine .

news3 (1)

2.)horizontal type flexo printing machine

3.)CI flexo printing machine

2.Die cutting machine .  After we get a roll of printed paper, we can put it into a die cutting machine . Cutting dies inside the machine was made according to different products layout. So it is easy to change different cutting dies to get different shapes of products like paper cups , plates and boxes.


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Also die punching machine is a good choice for paper cup making.
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3.Paper cup/plate/ box forming machine .
After die cutting process, you can get different shapes of paper product layout . Just put them into a forming machine , you can get the final products.
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Post time: Apr-20-2022