How the paper cup machine works

The paper cup machine is a kind of equipment specially used to produce paper cup products. Generally speaking, the production of paper cups is a cyclic process, which is to produce the best paper cup products through continuous cyclic mechanical actions. Well, do you know? In fact, this continuous and repeated action of the paper cup machine is realized by the cam mechanism in the paper cup machine.

Generally, when the paper cup machine is in production, the cam in the cam mechanism of the machine will perform a rotary motion, thus pushing the follower of the machine to reciprocate according to certain requirements. However, in this process, it should be noted that in order to make the follower of the machine have a relatively close contact with the action point of the cam, since they are in point or line contact, it needs to be realized by a spring or by applying external gravity.

In general, the cam mechanism of the paper cup machine can make the driven parts of the machine obtain a more complex motion law, thereby realizing the cyclic effect of cardboard production and meeting the requirements of producing more paper cup products. The general cam mechanism has the characteristics of simple and compact structure and design, and can achieve various complex motion requirements, which makes it not only have a good application in the paper cup machine, but also has an important role in other equipment.

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As an improved and upgraded product of single-plate paper bowl machine,  In order to realize optimal functions and performance, it utilizes open cam design, interrupted division, gear drive and longitudinal axis structure.

This is a newly developed paper cup machine, achieves a manufacturing speed of 60-80pcs/min. This piece of paper converting equipment provides a multi-station design and is able to make single and double PE coated beverage cups, ice cream cups, coffee cups, bubble tea cups and more.

This high-speed paper cup forming machine, achieves a stable cup making speed of 120-130pcs/min and in the actual development test, the maximum speed can reach more than 150pcs/min.

Post time: May-16-2022