what is the best hot foil stamping machine?

what is the best hot foil stamping machine?

Despite the pandemic, the hot foil stamping business has been continuously growing. According to a recent report, the hot stamping foils market is expected to expand by $124.50 million between 2020 and 2024.

Several companies have invested in hot foil stamping technology to improve their packaging design. For those new to purchasing hot foil stamping, it is best to know what exactly it is and what type of stamping machines is used to create decorative pieces.

Feida Machinery provides a hot stamping machine buying guide to assist first-time customers in selecting the finest one for their needs.

What is Hot Foil Stamping?
Hot foil stamping is the technique of applying holograms or metallic foil to materials such as carton boards, light paper, plastics, laminated boards, and corrugated boards using heat and pressure.

The term hot foil stamping encompasses:

Holographic and hologram foil application
Simple flat foil stamping
Deep embossing combined with foil stamping
Foil stamping combined with structural and micro embossing

It is used to create decorative mark and anti-counterfeiting measures on a wide range of items. It is commonly used in the following industries:

Luxury goods packaging
Labeling for items such as wine and spirits
Aside from packaging, hot foil stamping is often used on greeting cards, banknotes, and commercial print.

The Process of Hot Foil Stamping

Here’s how hot foil stamping works:

  • During the foil stamping process, the sculpted metal plate makes contact with the foil.
  • A coating of thin foil film is transferred onto the chosen surface area.
  • Once the metal plate is heated up, the foil begins to adhere to the foil surface only in the certain design of the foil plate and where the necessary print is needed.

Foil stamping is performed by the use of a specialized multi-layered foil. Typically, the different types of layers in foil are as follows:

  • Lacquer layers
  • Image layers
  • An outer adhesive layer
  • A release layers
  • A polyester carrier layers
  • Metal layers (foil colors)
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  •  The Different Types of Hot Foil Stamping Machines

    Here are the different types of hot foil stamping machines and how they work.

    Round-Round Hot Foil Stamping Machine

    This machine operates on the same principles as printing presses. The machine’s spinning cylinders rotate in opposing directions on both sides. The foil and medium are placed between the two cylinders, and the cylinders are pushed together to apply pressure.

    This type of foil stamping machine can spin at extremely high speeds and may be used to create highly detailed designs. It is ideal for creating complex foiling effects on the medium.

    Flat-Flat Hot Foil Stamping Machine

    In flat-flat hot foiling, the foil dies are connected to a flat metal plate for permanent positioning or a honeycomb-shaped plate for dynamic positioning. The foil and medium are placed between the plate and a counter plate that is secured beneath it.

    When embossed foiling is used, the lower plate comprises projections that produce the embossed design when the plates are pressed together.

    The important strength of flat foil stamping is that it is simple to set up and that the necessary tools and parts are readily accessible on the market.

    Round-Flat Hot Foil Stamping Machine

    Round-flat hot foil stamping machines use a revolving cylinder instead of the fixed flat counter plate used in flat-flat foil stamping machines.

    Horizontal pressure is applied to the revolving cylinder, pushing the foil against the medium and transferring the foil pattern to it.

    The benefit of this type of foil stamping machine is that it is ideal for little projects with few pieces.

    Buying Tips for a Foil Stamping Machine

    There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a hot foil stamping machine. Among them are:

    • Choose a machine that can manage the amount of load capacity you want to put on it. If you need to stamp a large amount of material, an automatic stamper is preferable to a manual one to save time.
    • The material on which you wish to stamp will also influence the type of machine you select. It’s a good idea to double-check which machine is compatible with your items. Not all machines are capable of stamping on all materials.
    • In addition to the various types of machines, floor and countertop models are available. This is governed by how much storage capacity you have for your foil stamper.


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