Paper Cup Forming Machine

  • Paper Bowl Forming Machine

    Paper Bowl Forming Machine

    As an improved and upgraded product of single-plate paper bowl machine,  In order to realize optimal functions and performance, it utilizes open cam design, interrupted division, gear drive and longitudinal axis structure.

  • Paper Cup Forming Machine

    Paper Cup Forming Machine

    This is a newly developed paper cup machine, achieves a manufacturing speed of 60-80pcs/min. This piece of paper converting equipment provides a multi-station design and is able to make single and double PE coated beverage cups, ice cream cups, coffee cups, bubble tea cups and more. use cam and gear, Longitudinal axis gear drive with PLC control system.

  • High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine

    High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine

    This high-speed paper cup forming machine, achieves a stable cup making speed of 120-130pcs/min and in the actual development test, the maximum speed can reach more than 150pcs/min. we reversed the previous design and redesigned a more optimized mechanical transmission and forming system. Whole machine main transmission parts are equipped with automatic spray oil lubrication system to reduce wear and tear. Its new designed open type intermittent cam system and helical gear transmission are more efficient and compact than those on old type MG-C800.Cup wall and the bottom of the cup are sealed with LEISTER bottom heaters imported from Switzerland . The whole cup making process is controlled and monitored by Delta inverter, Delta servo feeding, Delta PLC, Delta human-computer interaction touch screen, Omron/Fotek proximity switch, Panasonic sensor, etc., thereby improving the performance of the equipment and achieving fast and stable running. High degree of automation and automatic shutdown in case of failure to minimize the labor intensity of workers and achieve operational safety.